Hi Robyn and Brian,
Just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I am enjoying the workshops and learning such a lot. Even though we are no longer doing the lower grades I find they are still really worthwhile. This week’s workshop was particularly helpful for me as I will be doing 6th grade geometry very soon. Lots of juicy tidbits of information and it’s great to see the forms and geometric drawings actually being drawn instead of having to try and understand someone’s written instructions. This learning format is perfect for me. Thank you!! -Cathy


Current Workshop Link: 

Update June 16, 2016: *The platform we have previously used to host our workshops is closing up shop! *Stay tuned for details about where and how our workshops will re-manifest on our website.

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Previous workshops: 

Week #4 (2/12/16):

In this week's workshop, Brian Wolfe will be taking you through a Waldorf-infused geometry lesson...hone your skills and use them to teach your own students! You will learn:
*How to bisect a line
*How to use this skill to make a beautiful design based on the circle and square.
*How to translate this construction skill & turn it into a gorgeous main lesson page for your students to create!


Week #3 (10/16/15): 

In this week's workshop we'll draw two beautiful forms from the 3rd and 4th grade form drawing curriculum. The fourth grade form will give you an understanding of how to teach the over-under technique. We'll spend the second part of the workshop transitioning to geometry (the Waldorf way!) Our goal with geometry is to present numbers and patterns in such at way that the children experience them as the living building blocks of the world around us. Geometry means "earth measurement." This means that we are teaching the secrets to understanding nature and the world around us. Doesn't that sound like more fun than your average math class?


Week #2 (10/02/15): 

Form drawing is an often overlooked but incredibly valuable experience for children. This week we 'll discuss how form drawing serves as the foundation for basic math and geometry. Beginning with a straight line and a curved line, we find that the world around us is made up of these simple forms. The form drawing curriculum helps the student understand symmetry, polarities, and rhythm in a living way. We'll also continue our discussion of the four temperaments and look at forms that are soothing to each one. Whether you are looking to deepen your understanding of the temperaments, preparing to teach form drawing, or just excited to draw cool stuff, this Friday's workshop is for you! (to get the most out of this workshop, be sure to have crayons and/or colored pencils nearby).


Week #1 (9/25/15):  

For our first workshop, Brian Wolfe will begin building the baseline of understanding upon which all future workshops will be built. He will be exploring the four temperaments and how we can use them to better understand our children & students. He will also talk about the temperaments as they relate to the arts (both learning & teaching), by addressing the question "how can we create an artistic experience that is therapeutic for both children and adults?" Time permitting, he will also discuss the temperaments as they relate to form-drawing & color, although....that might have to wait for workshop #2! Bring your pen, notebook & questions!