Living Music in the Home is a Waldorf-inspired resource for parents and teachers who wish to share the joy of music with their children and students.  Dan & Michelle Prindle provide musical training for adults so they can create living music in their homes and classrooms.

Music with & for young children!


Dan begins with a solid foundation in the basic elements of western music theory that are necessary prerequisites to understanding music in the mood of the fifth. These include the fundamentals of music theory (basics of pitch and rhythm) and an introduction to diatonic and pentatonic music. He then proceeds to define the mood of the fifth and describe its elements, as well as give a variety of examples. *This course offers the necessary knowledge for parents and teachers to fully understand this often vaguely defined concept, and THEN bring the new skills and knowledge to their children.* Create a mantle of comfort & wonder for your littles! We've gotten you 10% off!! For more info, click here.

Finally! Everything you need to know in one course.

10% discount, 10 videos, pdf ebook with illustrations, exercises, community forum, and direct support from Dan Prindle.

This is our most comprehensive and most useful course yet. It is a rare opportunity for teachers and homeschooling parents to learn everything that they need to know to be able to understand music, how it works, and how to bring it to their students & children. The course will introduce you to a broad range of foundational musical topics, including aspects of pitch, rhythm, meter, reading music, understanding keys & scales, and pentatonic music. 10% off for the Waldorfish community! Each module in this course may be purchased individually, or you may purchase the entire course at a discount. Learn more here.

Create a joyful singing culture in your home!


In this course Michelle offers instruction on vocal technique that will help parents and teachers to find their inner voice. She dispels modern misconceptions about the voice, offers advice on pitch matching, postural mechanics, breath work, and overcoming psychological boundaries to joyful singing. It's shared through practical, confidence-building exercises that parents and teachers can practice in the privacy of your own home along with the videos and audio files provided. Michelle also offers a variety of songs for singing with children. Bring yourself fully! The Waldorfish Community receives 10% off!! More info here.

" I love the pre-and-post activities in the ebook that go with each video. They take it from being merely a passive video-watching course, to something active. Dan doesn't attempt to reproduce the wide variety of material already available about why Steiner advocated this musical mode, but rather goes into the nuts and bolts of the Mood of the Fifth from the perspective of the notes themselves. That’s what makes this **unique**. On a personal level, this course has helped me FINALLY understand WHY the Mood of the 5th sounds the way it does! Dan helps us to understand what’s normal or typical within western music, and then uses that understanding as a jumping off point to understand the atypical/exceptional Mood of the Fifth. (You can’t understand the exception if you don’t understand the normal) He encourages MAKING MUSIC with our children as being of paramount importance, rather than MAKING MUSIC PERFECTLY being the goal…..making it reachable and achievable for EVERYONE….even the most “ish” of us "- Robyn Wolfe

"Living Music in the Home courses are so calm and grounded…this will be very reassuring to anyone with any musical anxiety whatsoever. I LOVE this point: "learning to sing is the same as learning to use ANY OTHER instrument…to see progress you have to take time and PRACTICE."  Michelle will be really, really reassuring to those who are not confident of their own musical abilities (or what they perceive as inabilities)." -Robyn Wolfe

Your instructors:

Michelle Marinelli Prindle became familiar with the work of Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner while studying German language and literature - in particular the Romantic works of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - in Heidelberg, Germany, in 2006.  Since that time she has devoted her life to learning about Anthroposophy.  She has created a Waldorf-inspired home environment for her two small children, filled with singing and the beautiful tones of Mood of the Fifth music played on the Kinderlyre. Michelle graduated from the Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher Training program at The Alkion Center, where she was introduced to the work of soprano Valborg Werbeck-Svärdström and its remarkable practical applications for healing damaged voices. Michelle uses the Werbeck method with her students to help them discover their own hidden vocal potential.

Michelle is a soprano with a Bachelor of Music degree in classical vocal performance from The Hartt School, where she graduated summa cum laude. Her operatic roles include Frasquita in Carmen, Giannetta inL'Elisir d'Amore, the Second Lady in The Magic Flute, and Nannetta in Falstaff. Her sacred music performances include soprano soloist in E.T.A. Hoffmann'sMiserere in B Minor and Mozart's Regina Coeli and soprano soloist in Haydn'sMissa brevis Sancti Joannis de Deo.  Recital work has included concerts and lecture-recitals in Salzburg, Austria; Heidelberg, Germany; and Florence, Italy.  Michelle has taught private voice and piano lessons for more than ten years. Her students have been admitted to competitive voice and musical theater programs throughout the United States. She is also a diction coach, specializing in German and Italian vocal literature.


Dan Prindle is an instrumentalist and composer originally from Manchester, CT.  He can be found performing in a wide range of venues from rock clubs to weddings, both as a soloist and accompanying some of the finest musicians in the Northeast United States. Dan was named Best Bassist in both 2004 and 2006 by the Hartford Advocate.  He has also worked with numerous award-winning ensembles.

 Dan was named Best Bassist in both 2004 and 2006 by the Hartford Advocate.  He has also worked with numerous award-winning ensembles. RANE, with whom Dan has played since 1996, has been recognized as Best New Band, Best Groove Rock Band, Best Indie/Emo Band, and Best Pop Band by the Hartford Advocate.  RANE has appeared in cities all over the Northeast, including Hartford, Boston, Providence, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, New York, Chicago. They have opened for such noteworthy performers as the Allman Brothers Band, Jerry Garcia Band, Santana, Rusted Root, Tom Petty, Guster, and Ozomatli. 

Dan holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Berklee College of Music, where he majored in composition and his principle instrument was electric bass.  Dan graduated magna cum laude in 2001.  He is a Ph.D. Candidate in music theory at the University of Massachusetts, where he also earned his Master’s Degree in Music Theory .  He has been teaching private lessons in bass, cello, piano, guitar, and music theory since 1999.  Dan has taught as a graduate teaching assistant at UMASS, a Visiting Instructor at Williams College, and teaches during the summers at Goodwin College in East Hartford, CT, where he was named “Teacher of the Program” in 2008.