Finding Your Inner Voice

Create a joyful singing culture in your home!

10% Discount, 15 Videos, 11-Page eBook with Exercises, Audios, & Direct Support with Michelle Prindle 

We're completely smitten with the profound and effectively exquisite work of Michelle Prindle, Early Childhood Teacher, soprano soloist, mother, and diction coach, specializing in German and Italian vocal literature:


1. promotes language development

2. is health-giving 

3. promotes brain development

4. creates a joyful home environment

5, supports creative play

6. lightens the load of work

7. eases transitions

8. models healthy vocal technique

9. is the natural 1st step to learning an instrument

10. breaks the generational cycle of negative feelings toward singing."

In this course Michelle offers instruction on vocal technique that will help parents and teachers to find their inner voice. She dispels modern misconceptions about the voice, offers advice on pitch matching, postural mechanics, breath work, and overcoming psychological boundaries to joyful singing. It's shared through practical, confidence-building exercises that parents and teachers can practice in the privacy of your own home along with the videos and audio files provided. Michelle also offers a variety of songs for singing with children.

Free introductory sample from the course.

You'll get the following videos:

1. Introduction to the Course (5.04 m)
2. 10 Reasons to Sing with Children (13.49 m)
3. Misconceptions About the Voice (4.12 m)
4. The Voice as an Instrument (6.50 m)
5. Postural Mechanics (14.55 m)
6. Breath Work (18.35 m)
7. Pitch Matching (9.54 m)
8. The Voice Registers (4.37 m)
9. The Chest Voice (20.15 m)
10. The Head Voice (12.48 m)
11. Exercises (1 of 3) (15 m)
12. Exercises (2 of 3)
13. Exercises (3 of 3)
14. Songs for Singing with Children (14.37 m)
15. Vocal Hygiene (9.11 m)


1. A PDF of suggested further reading
2. Mp3 audio files of vocal exercises for practicing anywhere
3. Access to a forum where you can ask questions and get answers directly from Michelle
4. Direct email access to Michelle
5. Discounts on one-on-one private video lessons with Michelle

"Music ... is nature's direct expression. ... The musician thus stands closer to the heart of the world than all other artists; in him lives the faculty of representing the world will. Music is the expression of the will of nature, while all the other arts are expressions of the idea of nature."  - Rudolph Steiner, The Inner Nature of Music, Lecture II

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"Living Music in the Home courses are so calm and grounded…this will be very reassuring to anyone with any musical anxiety whatsoever. I LOVE this point: "learning to sing is the same as learning to use ANY OTHER instrument…to see progress you have to take time and PRACTICE."  Michelle will be really, really reassuring to those who are not confident of their own musical abilities (or what they perceive as inabilities)." -Robyn Wolfe

"Michelle truly understands how to teach singing as a process of enhancement. It's very clear that she's worked with all levels of singers, and partnered with them over time. She brings a patience and kindness that feels almost like a midwife. I'm most delighted with the simplicity here: The videos are nice and short, reminding us that brevity requires a measure of knowing. The information here is distilled and essential.  I'm looking forward to music becoming the next movement in modern parenting as Michelle & Dan make it easy for us to just step right in to music-making with our children." -Maya Hackett