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With years and years of training between them, Dan & Michelle Prindle of Living Music in the Home are the perfect teachers to help you create a culture of Living Music in your home or classroom.  They will help you discover the endless benefits of singing with your children & students, and show you how to make music for early childhood. *To get you off to a good start, they're offering the Waldorfish community a generous Back to School discount (50%!) on ALL of their courses!*

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Finding Your Inner Voice

INSTRUCTOR: Michelle Prindle
This course offers instruction on vocal technique that will help parents and teachers to find their inner voice.  The course dispels modern misconceptions about the voice, offers advice on pitch matching, postural mechanics, breath work, and overcoming psychological boundaries to joyful singing.  This is done through practical, confidence-building exercises that parents and teachers can practice in the privacy in their own homes along with the videos and audio files provided.  The course also offers a variety of songs for singing with children. 


The Mood of the Fifth

This course begins by giving parents and teachers a solid foundation in the basic elements of western music theory that are necessary prerequisites to understanding music in the mood of the fifth.  These prerequisites include the fundamentals of music theory (basics of pitch and rhythm) and an introduction to diatonic and pentatonic music.  The course then proceeds to define the mood of the fifth and describe its elements, as well as give a variety of examples.  This course offers the necessary knowledge for parents and teachers to fully understand this often vaguely defined concept.