Free tele-class + goodies!

I won't lie. It took me nearly an entire day to write this post.


Between the lingering left-overs of a migraine, and a sick Little One with a new virus, not a whole lot got accomplished at our house today. To top it all off, 2 out of 4 of us missed our schools' Michaelmas play and celebration. Not an idyllic day in this Waldorfish home. 
At least, that's what I was telling myself. And then I looked closer and saw the remnants of homemade chicken broth with rice - for the upset tummy ... and pillows used for snuggling on the couch with a favourite book ... and a nest of even more pillows and some blankets - for a much needed nap, nestled deep.

Possibly a day more idyllic than I was giving it credit for?

In any case, my sick one is now napping, and I can complete this post!  I've been wanting to share with you a great opportunity... 
Donna Ashton from The Waldorf Connection is introducing a brand-new  program to teach families how to “Harmonize Your Homeschool: balance life and school”. Donna created this course as a direct response to the many, many requests she gets for help in this area. 

To get things rolling, she is getting everyone started by offering a free (!) tele-class with her titled, “5 Ways To Bring Harmony To Your Homeschool So Your Child Can Flourish".

If this sounds like just what you've been needing to talk about, you can grab access to the call here. 

In this info-packed call you’ll learn more about:

*Teaching your child through a warm & loving connection
*Filtering Media & PopCulture to Protect the Senses
*Supporting Your Child's Tricky Developmental Track (change of teeth, 9 yr change, 12yr change)
*Getting Everything Done without Exhaustion(rhythm & scheduling)
*Showing Up as the Teacher/Parent You Want to Be

*After the call you'll have an opportunity to sign up for the full course. If you do decide you want to participate in the course, Donna and I are throwing in some free goodies!*

From Donna:

*a copy of her amazing Rhythm & Organization Homestudy (who doesn't need help with rhythm & organization?)and,

*a Ticket to her weekend Live Event in November in Pawleys Island,SC.

From Robyn:

*an audio recording from our Story Starters kit - a chance to learn more about using storytelling in your home, as well as to get a feel for what the Story Starter kit has to offer. For free!

Here’s that link again to access this complimentary call. The full course begins on October 2nd!

With our best (virus-free!) wishes,
~Robyn  (& the rest of the Waldorfish crew)