New video tutorial series!

What a labour of love! We're so excited to offer this new video tutorial series to our Waldorfish community. Buy all 3 at once and save! Full descriptions of what each level offers are available here. Over 1.5+ hours of instruction... this series is perfect for teachers, teachers-in-training, and upper grades students (G6 +) who work well independently. 

**A few thoughts on the supplies needed for these tutorials.... Both paper and charcoal are a matter of preference...charcoal made from vine or willow are our fav's, and Brian prefers really soft charcoal (he works loose & messy), while I prefer a medium hardness (I work a bit tighter). For really depends on how much "tooth" you like your paper to have. You could work on watercolor paper, if that's what you have on hand, just know that the texture of the paper will show through (as in the portrait of the Masai woman in the bottom left corner of the photo above). Regular drawing paper will show less texture. Also...some people prefer to blend with their fingers, others like to use the little rolled paper "blending sticks". Getting a spray fixative is a good idea spray your finished pieces (spray outdoors!) so that they smear/smudge less.

We'd love to hear what you think!

~Robyn (& Brian)