The Journey of Analise: A child's journey through the temperaments you remember last year, when I kept posting incomplete, cryptic, and black & white photos of the 12 gigantic chalk drawings I was doing as part of an illustration project for author Kristie Burns? .....I'm beyond excited to tell you that The Journey of Analise is now in PRINT and available for sale!! It's part of a package at the moment, which includes a 90-minute instructional chalk drawing video and an e-book with step-by-step instructions for creating all twelve chalk drawings in the book. This book is unusual in that it is a full color picture book but also a 166 page chapter-book. The story of Analise's journey through the temperaments is told in twenty-six chapters. It can be read independently by a child or it can be read out loud in daily increments. It would be the PERFECT story to read during chapter a day.  Order yours + more info here