Waldorf in the world :: Kasper M. de Thurah

Occasionally we spotlight someone from the Waldorf community who, like us,  is working to connect Waldorf folks around the world. Today we're sharing our conversation with Waldorf Network founder, father and adventurer, Kasper M. de Thurah.

If you spend much time on social media, you may already be familiar with the fact that Kasper will be representing Norway in the Fjällräven Polar race this April. Many of you voted to help get him there.... 29,006 of you to be exact! Kasper reached out to the Waldorf world on social media, requesting help in securing his spot in the race this year. We asked him to share about this experience with us:

"Fjällräven Polar is a 330km expedition over the Arctic tundra where people from all over the world can win a place representing their own country, based on votes. I have tried for three years to win a spot in this adventure, but I received second place the first two years. I actually gave up last year and thought I’d never win. Two 2nd places was tough. But somehow I got myself registered for this years competition and I finally won! As the competition gets more and more well known, it has become more and more difficult to win. This year it took 29,006 votes to secure 1st place and be able to represent Norway in the expedition. It's absolutely crazy and very unreal to have gotten that many votes from people I don't know! 

It’s an amazing feeling to know that so many people are responsible for getting me into this great adventure. It’s going to be extreme, cold, hard and dangerous, but it’s also going to be the biggest adventure of my life! Representing Norway, where I live, makes me really proud and humble."

To learn more about Fjällrävan Polar, click the image below. You can follow Kasper's expedition in April over on his Instagram account: http://www.instagram.com/kasperdethurah

Class teachers and homeschool families....pull out those maps! I feel some geography lessons coming on...

Image source: www.polar.fjallraven.com 

Image source: www.polar.fjallraven.com 

We were also curious about Kasper's work with Waldorf Network and asked him to speak a little about it:

"I started Waldorf Network before the Facebook era. My original vision was to make Waldorf education more known in the world. 

 It was actually originally a social platform like Facebook, but as Facebook grew, I decided to move the network there. It grew quickly and attracted a lot of people from around the world.

My future vision is to make Waldorf Network a hub and connection to all students, teachers, parents, schools, etc. in the world. I plan to develop tools for people to make their voices heard and for it to be a useful tool for people who want to find Waldorf related activities, communities, shops and schools around the world."

The son of two Waldorf teachers, Kasper attended several different schools as a child.

 "My father is Knud Sandberg and was the main founder of the seminar Audonicon in Denmark. My parents met at Audonicon.

 I was raised with a lot of love and a lot of 'waldorf living'. Both my childhood and my own Waldorf education have affected my life a lot. I’m very fond of nature and all it’s glory, but I’m also very interested in humans. To understand them, respect them no matter race or religion. Respect them as human beings. It has also affected my passion for organic food, healthy living and I’m trying to pass this on to my children - I’m the father of two girls."

On parenting:

"I'm trying my best to share my experiences and vision of life with my family. My girlfriend did not attend Waldorf schools, so we look for common ground in our parenting - combining the best of our two experiences of childhood/education. We are always trying to combine the best with the best - no matter where it comes from."


Thank you so much, Kasper, for sharing with us. To follow the Fjällräven Polar adventure, be sure to connect with him on Instagram: @kasperdethurah 


Kasper M. du Thurah lives with his family in Telemark, Norway. He is a former Waldorf student and teacher, having worked as a gym teacher at the Waldorf school he once attended in Aarhus, Denmark. The past 15 years have frequently found him working in front of a computer screen (marketing, graphic design, websites, etc.) The father of two girls, he is trying to contrast the indoor time with being outdoors as much as he can - Baseball, hiking, skiing and adventures in general!