Review - Around the Day Planner

I recently had the chance to look through this gorgeous planner, created by Jaimie des Tombe. In Jaimie's words, the Around the Day planner “is not just a pretty calendar - it’s a prompt to balance the practical with a mindful path toward wholeness and spirit so you can support yourself and the children in your care.”

The attention to every detail in this planner is like music to my creative soul! The illustrations by Brianna French are lovely & whimsical, and are included on every single page.

Homeschool planner • Around The Day Planner • Waldorfish.JPG

Along with the space to highlight your plans for each day of the month, there is also a space dedicated to making a weekly to-do list, and a monthly “notes and goals” list. Several pages at the beginning and end are included so that you can dream and vision your way through the year.


Jaimie has thoughtfully included the corresponding Calendar of the Soul verse on each week’s spread, which means that it is immediately accessible. This translates into a much higher likelihood that you will see it, actually read it, and in turn reflect on it … allowing it to inspire the personal transformation Steiner originally intended when he wrote them.

Calendar of the Soul • Homeschool Planner • Waldorfish.JPG


Even after so many years of teaching and homeschooling, I can’t tell you how often I find myself asking “When is that festival again?” or frantically digging around to figure out when the first week of Advent is (often to discover that I’ve missed it completely!). Like an angel, Jaime has included the most common festivals and holidays celebrated in the Waldorf tradition. I’m looking forward to only needing to flip a few pages ahead, to find the information I need in the coming months.


We coordinate a lot of our planning (business, gardening and schooling) around the phases of the moon. They are included on each monthly & weekly spread in the planner. One less thing I need to go looking for now. And have you noticed that spiral binding?? Dreamy.

Around The Day Planner • Waldorfish • Homeschool Planner.JPG

You can purchase & read more about the planner, here (and see more of the art work too!).

*Jaimie is graciously extending a 15% discount on pre-orders of the 2019 planner to the Waldorfish community! Use code WALDORFISH2019 at checkout.* 

(Coupon expires 10/31/2018)