You likely ended up here because someone you trust recommended our work, or perhaps you stumbled across one of our videos or articles on social media. Whatever the road that brought you here, we're really glad you stopped by!

There are a LOT of resources on our site - we've created this quick guide so that you can easily find what you need.

1. About us....

Waldorfish is Brian & Robyn Wolfe. We are both Waldorf teachers, and we started this adventure in 2012 out of a desire to make training in the Waldorf arts more accessible to class teachers in remote locations and to homeschooling families everywhere! Our work has expanded quickly, and we now offer live and online workshops around the world. We also offer consulting in the areas of Waldorf Art and Movement/Games curriculum as well as homeschooling.

You can get the full story here. You can also send us an email by filling out the form on our contact page

Many of our tutorials are licensed by the BEarth Institute and sold as part of their teacher support and homeschooling curriculum.

Have a few minutes to spare? Be sure to check out this audio recording which will add more depth to your understanding of the premise behind our work!


2. Which tutorial to start with if you're brand new to Waldorf?

Most of our tutorials assume a baseline of understanding regarding Waldorf philosophy and art materials. If you are brand new, or maybe even just starting to consider Waldorf education, we HIGHLY recommend you start with our Waldorf Art for Beginners e-course. Click here to get the deets.

You can get the full scope of what our other tutorials cover by clicking here.


3. Looking to get a taste of our teaching style?

The preview clips of our tutorials will give you a sense of what it's like to learn with us. Everyone has different preferences, yes? It makes sense that you'd want to get a feel for our style before you commit! We're also including a full-length Geometry lesson we offered online in 2015. Enjoy!

Geometry lesson (click)

Chalk-drawing tutorial sample (click)

Block crayon tutorial sample (click)

Free clay modeling tutorial (click)


4. Our blog sidebar contains links to a few waldorf-inspired businesses that we love and partner with, as well as other resources we offer. Enjoy!

* Some free gifts for you! 

We'd love to send you our free e-book, 4 Questions (we should all be asking on behalf of our children). Create the family life you most desire! Click here :)

Do you already have a chalkboard at home? We've put together 7 really great (fun!) ways for your family to get more mileage out of it. Click here.

Will you be teaching Perspective Drawing soon? We've bundled up Brians teaching notes for you into a 6-page pdf. Get yours! Click here.

Curious about what supplies you'll need to get started with Waldorf-inspired art? We've put together a Tools & Resources Checklist for you! Click here.