Cooking sparks conversation * Conversation creates connection * Connection brings us Home


If you asked either of us what originally brought us together, food would be near the top of the list. 

More than just the tastes & flavors themselves, it was the process of cooking the food, really, that connected us early-on in our relationship.

We both crave the warmth and conversation that inevitably arises when 2 or more people gather to share a meal. Some of our favorite memories as a blended family of four are tied directly to gathering with friends around large kitchen islands loaded with the evening's ingredients.

Conversation. Connection. Home.

Art is something else that originally connected us. A love of line, gesture and color as a way to communicate something.

The moment when it first occurred to us that we could collaborate on art much like we do in the kitchen was nothing short of divine inspiration. Our muse arrived with her suitcase packed for a long stay, and our minds were opened to whole new way of expressing ourselves, together. 

Brian creates the foundational architecture for these recipes - He lays out the black ink drawings and text, usually with a supervisory cat or two laying nearby. Robyn then settles in with her watercolors and adds layers of color to what really feels like the best coloring-book ever.

Our hope is that you will use these recipes as invitations to your loved ones for conversation. Invitations for connection.

We'd be stoked if you hung them up as art too ;)

xoxo - Brian & Robyn Wolfe


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Photo credit:  Danielle Cohen

Photo credit: Danielle Cohen