Waldorfish was born in 2012. We are a global community of teachers, parents, and home-schoolers. Our goal has always been to provide modern, relevant resources for our community of teachers and families. We are altogether diverse and curious in the ways we live our lives, and share a commitment to goodness, warmth, truth & beauty as it works for YOU and your family. To hear more about our views on Waldorf education, listen here. As an international community, each of us is wholly different. We come to the table in kindness, listening & sharing to learn (not to agree or disagree).

We are now accepting a limited number of guest submissions for 2017/18.  

Please read the following guidelines carefully:


At the moment we are looking for articles designed to share what you experience when you slow down and see deeply... what goodness, warmth, truth & beauty shows up for YOU? Look to your:

  • daily life
  • home
  • family
  • kitchen
  • classroom
  • homeschool
  • community



Submissions should be sent to support@waldorfish.com with "submission" in the subject line.

Submit your article (800-ish words max please) in a Word Document. Please include a title, your bio, a photo, and relevant links back to your work, website, social media, etc. This is a great moment to share YOU!


We're so excited to share your work!