I just wanted to say how grateful I am to Brian and Robyn for their lessons! I am a Waldorf homeschooling mom who was terrified of Waldorf because I never thought I could draw. Now my confidence is growing because of your lessons…the kids are excited about their lessons and love to spy on me as I draw.
— Viktoriya

Shamus, age 11, wrapped up his Renoir picture this morning. I’m ridiculously proud of how far he’s come this year with Waldorfish Weekly Art—he wanted to grow. I wanted a resource for him, and Waldorfish showed up to the world. Thank you Brian and Robyn—I’m glad you followed your Path.
— Nichole

Waldorfish on the terrace.png
Waldorfish Weekly Art (lessons) are sacred moments for us. We wait for the afternoon sun to be right....make a pot of the favorite tea...and set ourselves up on the terrace. As always, thank you for creating this course!
— Marie

This class was so fun and relaxing! No expectations. I completely let my daughter do her thing without interjecting or making her do something ‘better’. I loved watching her be excited and make her own version of the lesson. We ended with questions about our work and her saying, ‘I really like becoming a better artist.’
— Jenny
(photo via  Wildflower Ramblings )