A weekly, Waldorf-inspired art supplement for your home & school curriculum!

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Wow!! What a fun first lesson!! We all absolutely loved it!! I think we were all worried at first about how they would turn out, but we are all extremely proud of our efforts!! I heard “this is so relaxing”, “I have never loved art more”, and “I am so proud of myself” multiple times!! Thank you so much!! We are already ready for next week!! ~ L.B.


Program details:

  • Each month we'll share 4 new art lessons in our online classroom over at Ruzuku. The first lesson will post on the 1st day of the course. The rest will follow each week thereafter (there are no lessons on 5th weeks that happen occasionally in some months).
  • You can access the lessons whenever it works for your schedule and work at your own pace!
  • We have created a new series of lessons just for this program! They are not found in any other courses or curriculum packages we offer.
  • The lessons will be appropriate for BOTH hemispheres (we've got your backs Southern Hemisphere friends!) Perfect for multi-child families!

We will post a materials list at the beginning of each lesson, but in general throughout this program we will be using:

  1. liquid watercolor paint
  2. solid watercolor paint
  3. chalkboard and pastel chalks
  4. block & stick crayons
  5. charcoal
  6. watercolor crayons & pencils
  7. watercolor & drawing paper

*You will also receive a master supply list via email after you register.


Student sample. Photo: Elke Vidler


"These lessons are such a gift and treasure for our family. They are well worth every penny!" ~Kristi R. 


"I love how our school room is turning into an art gallery! Thank you!" ~ Kay S. 



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 Photo:  owlet.com.au


"I’m so pleased to have found art lessons that draw on the Waldorf style as opposed to all of the 'outline and color in' art lessons that seem to be popular online. We are really enjoying them!” ~ Heidi


"These videos offer a wonderful option to be brought both as lessons presented yourself as the teacher, or to sit together and enjoy a video tutorial alongside each other- with the inspiring and nurturing Wolfe family as your guides." ~Elke V.



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Your Teachers:


Trained Waldorf teachers Brian & Robyn Wolfe have been involved in art & education for over 20 years. Experienced with both teaching in the classroom as well as homeschooling, they work with children and adults in person and online. Their courses guide soul-filled teachers and families towards confidence in integrating the arts into their (home) school days. You can read more about them, here.




Frequently asked questions:

Can we sign up for just one month?

Weekly Art is a 9 month program, it is NOT a monthly subscription program. The lessons build on each other from month to month. To get the full value from the program,  the lessons need to be worked through sequentially from start to finish. *Think of it like signing up for a full school year of Science, or Math, or Dance class.

We DO offer a payment plan, however it only divides up the TOTAL course cost to make it more affordable for some families. We also offer a few Bundles of archived lessons (x4 in each) that work well together. You can learn more about those, here.

We don't use the Waldorf method. Is this course still appropriate for my family? 

Absolutely! We have many non-Waldorf & Waldorf-ish families using our program. Weekly Art is more about a way of teaching (and learning) art than it is about following a specific educational pedagogy. Robyn was a public school teacher before she was a Waldorf teacher .... we incorporate the best practices from everything we've encountered in our careers.

Is this program appropriate for beginners?

If your family is very new to the Waldorf-inspired arts, you may benefit from our short course Waldorf Art for Beginners. Weekly Art Lessons and Waldorf Art for Beginners are complimentary courses, and can be taken at the same time.


*May I share this course with a friend?

Digital curriculum is NOT legally available for sharing or re-sale (or gifting- unless purchased directly from Waldorfish).

However, we would be thrilled if you share this link with your friends:  http://waldorfish.com/weekly-art-lessons-1/

Thank you for keeping each other accountable. Upholding this legality is important for the continued growth of online Waldorf offerings and the support of those of us creating them for you.


I've taken your other courses. Are these lessons different from what is offered there? 

Yes! We have created a new series of lessons just for this program. They are different from those currently found in the Earthschooling curriculum and our other online courses.

Do I need a high-speed internet connection to view the course videos? 

Yes, all videos are high quality, so you will need a fairly high-speed Internet connection to view them. The videos are a vital part of the content of this course, so please do consider this when purchasing. We are not able to provide alternative viewing options for people on dial-up or with limited connections (and we cannot give refunds if you are having issues viewing the videos due to your internet connection). Therefore, please bear this in mind when registering. If you have regular broadband, you should be fine.

Four lessons per month.... what about months with 5 weeks?

This program includes x4 lessons per month. We encourage you to use any 5th weeks that occur as breathing space in the program. Consider repeating a lesson, or adapting a favorite to something specific you've been studying. You may also choose to simply let art "rest" that week and take a break.

What is your return policy for the Weekly Art Lessons program?

 *For students enrolling in January: please note we cannot offer refunds due to the fact that you will receive access to 4.5 months worth of posted lessons after your first payment. Please be sure to try our two FREE sample lessons before you make your decision to enroll.

*Please also note: If you cancel your payment plan, you will lose access to the Weekly Art course content. 


How long do I have access to the course?

Forever! Remain enrolled for all 9 months and you will have unlimited access to this course after it ends.

More questions?

Shoot us an email at support@waldorfish.com !

"I could cry (with) joy about how wonderful this class is for us. For the past 40 years I considered myself talent-less in the areas of drawing and painting. I am amazed at what I am able to create! Doing this together with my children has been a wonderful and deep experience. They are very much looking forward to each of the projects and I love how they added their own twist to it. Thursdays is our art day, so I allow myself a full week to preview and try out the project and then do it on Thursdays together with my children. Thank you also to all the wonderful creative people taking this class and sharing how you adapt the lessons to other projects. This is very inspiring!"  - Kay S.