Free Weekly Art Sample Lesson.

What are you using for your art curriculum next year? We'd love to have you try out a free lesson from our online Weekly Art program! 

Waldorf art curriculum

The Weekly Art program can be used as weekly art classes that are folded into existing homeschool routines of any kind, as refresher courses for brick-and-mortar Waldorf school teachers, and, for those with far-reaching goals with respect to Waldorf homeschooling, as foundation courses that can be applied to different subjects as your student progresses through the grades.

Some parents choose to watch the videos first, and then teach their children on their own (media-free, yo!). Other families watch the lessons together and learn side-by-side. And yet other families have their older children work through the lessons on their own, relishing the opportunity to step aside and let someone else be the teacher.

Trying out a sample lesson is the BEST way to determine if Weekly Art is a good fit for your family. Fill out the form below and tell us where to send yours!