An early career as a park ranger led Waldorfish co-founder, Robyn Wolfe, to her love of illustrating and education. Trained initially as both a public school and Waldorf teacher, she has been involved in art + education for over 20 years, including homeschooling her two children.

Robyn is currently working as the manifestor of the creative vision held by the Waldorfish team. Working out of the premise that life is short (but sweet!) she empowers soul-filled teachers & families to (re)find their JOY in teaching and making art. Her work has been featured in Amulet magazine, The Mother magazine, the children's book The Journey of Analise, as well as Annapurna Living, The Fierce Grace Collective, and the Pence Gallery




Brian Wolfe has spent his entire adult life playing music, teaching, drawing & coaching his Waldorf kids.  So basically, creating a generation of grounded families with beautiful memories ;) He grew up in a musical-theater family, where he spent his childhood painting backdrops for plays & musicals, as well as playing guitar in the house-band. Nowadays, when he's not teaching & coaching Waldorf students, Brian loves performing a wide range of musical styles (blues, jazz, rock, pop, etc). He has played in various blues and rock bands over the past 15 years and 8 years ago began performing as a solo, instrumental acoustic act at events such as weddings, wine tastings, gallery openings, and private parties. He is teaching Art to teacher trainees, and also teaches (as well as coaches Varsity basketball) at the Sacramento Waldorf School. Summers often see Brian in China, Utah and California where he works with teachers, parents and students at various training centers.


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Teacher training,  Shenzhen, China

Teacher training, Shenzhen, China

Art of Teaching (G6), Rudolf Steiner College.

Art of Teaching (G6), Rudolf Steiner College.