Black & White Chalk Drawing, Volume One - now available!

It is with great joy & leaping hearts that we announce the Black & White Chalk Series is now complete and available in our shop!!

We are honoured to offer this & future series as a resource to the Waldorf and waldorf-inspired community. We would love to post pictures of drawings you do that are inspired by this tutorial series. Please send images to

We continue to enjoy hearing from you, and appreciate hearing about future tutorial topics that would be helpful to you.

   "Thank you very much. These videos are very didactic, beautiful and a great addition       to the Waldorf movement!" -Leonardo Di Meglio, Argentina

   "As someone who is going to Waldorf Teacher Training next year, I would love to study chalkboard drawing this year in preparation. Looking forward to this series!" - Nadia, teacher trainee, Canada

Blessings as many of you begin preparing for the upcoming school year. May it be filled with many inspired chalk drawings!


Robyn, Brian, Maya & David