Long before coloured chalk.....

It's been almost two years since Brian & I first started talking about creating chalk-drawing tutorials. We spent a lot of time searching to see what kinds of resources already exist out there for teachers. We didn't have any interest in re-inventing the wheel. Many weeks of exploring different leads led us down several rabbit holes, most of which ultimately went nowhere. Except one....

you'll feel like you won the lottery!

I remember the day I stumbled across this beauty on the internet. I distinctly remember pointing emphatically at my laptop screen and yelling "why didn't anyone tell me about this??!!" As I looked through the pages (you can download this book for FREE here) I began seeing 1,001 different applications for class teachers, homeschoolers & artists. 

Whitney was not a Waldorf teacher. He was simply a teacher with an immense appreciation for what beautiful imagery adds to the classroom. Interestingly, coloured chalk was not available for use yet. Whitney worked exclusively with the tones that exist between black & white. 

Although the original copyright is 1908, there are still copies of this gem around. Being a bibliophile, I had to be able to feel it (and smell it!). I tracked down my 1911 copy on Amazon.

Our Black & White tutorial series is dedicated to Frederick Whitney and is available in our shop. In it, Brian mixes some of Whitney's instruction with his own and leads viewers to be able to create their own stunning black & white landscape drawings.

xoxo- Robyn