#simpleseason, you + us on instagram

Let's gather...

Of course we're always thinking of ways to mine your magic and wise ways for the rest of us. You each bring so much hope and encouragement, and we bring bits of your warmth and meaningful practice into our own homes and learning spaces. Seeing how you do it shows us what else is possible. It's so inspiring!

We've set up a little Instagram gathering for us. Selfishly, we hope to see as many of you from Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia as possible. We'd like to repost your images, some here, on our Instagram, Facebook, and also on Pinterest. {our FB page is followed by parents, teachers, homeschoolers, & Waldorf schools from around the world) Here's how it works:

1. Get an Instagram account via the Apple Store or Google Play.

2. As you move thru each day, take a photo of your ways. Your home, your hands, whatever you are holding in your heartspace. We have 31 prompts up there. Use any prompt on any day!

3. Bonus points :: let the kids take the picture! 

4. Follow us, @waldorfishlife. In your photo comments, tag us by typing @waldorfishlife, and include the hashtag, #simpleseasons.

5. We'll repost some of your images and follow your stream.

6. Join our blogroll below, so others can follow you. Scroll to the bottom and tap "Click here to Enter." 

That's it!

With LOVE,

Maya @urbanorganica, D, Robyn @therobynwolfe & Brian @brianwolfe

{images via Pinterest}