music is magic. why & how to make it so.

The Ever-Musical Wanzer Cabin. Tour Coming Soon.

The Ever-Musical Wanzer Cabin. Tour Coming Soon.

The Reasons haven't changed, and we all know these things at the heart level.  And still. Somehow it stopped being obvious…

That song enchants children, stops them in their tracks, and makes them smile. And that is worth absolutely everything. 

That belting out a song makes us feel alive. And when we do that with family and friends, life becomes sublime, for just a little bit.

That percussion and cadence create an intuitive understanding of math and an appreciation for pace. Which translates as rhythm <~ which reads as presence and charisma, regardless of one's quirks and personality. And let's face it. We all want to make our children's ride a little smoother.

That music builds language and develops speech by engaging both hemispheres and the frontal lobes of the brain (Brewer & Campbell, 1991). It's speech therapy and capacity expanding for all of us. 

Music builds literacy skills thru rhyme, syllable recognition, phoneme substitution, word recognition, listening, fluency, & intonation. {As a speaker, I'm going to assert that we all can benefit from a little more help in articulation. We're all beginners. It only helps! And more than that. Music really makes us better. More connected and able to say what we mean in a way that honors those before us.}

It's just magic. I want for our own children a lifetime of music-making. I want them to learn that:

*everything takes a learning curve. And so nearly anything is possible.

*commitment creates that which we imagine.

*silence is delicious. Spirit shows up here. 

*you are collaborative. And included. you are piece and part of something larger, and it's okay + worth it to play a small part.

*you are a leader & soloist.

*you are skilled & confident.

*you need very little to entertain yourself.

*you can conquer your own fears.

*you are responsible for yourself & self-disciplined.

*there's always room for improvement

*You have a personal best, & it makes a difference for others. 

*practice does not make perfect, practice makes permanent. 

*hard work pays off.

*mistakes happen, and you keep moving, even if you're feeling…well, moved. 

*you can always feel "the edge," and push past it.

*You can challenge yourself and experience personal accomplishment without outside recognition. From mom, teachers, friends or anyone.

*you can create your own traditions + joy {there is no good time like company with live music}

And the truth is…

I knew nothing about music. I did get an A+ in Music Appreciation once in junior college. But that was about it. D did his graduate work in Music Industry at USC. But that didn't teach him how to make music with the kids, in a way that fed them or kept their interest.

Then Robyn got an email from Dan and Michelle Prindle. And in two hours I went from nothing to reading music. To understanding global scales. And to making the kind of music that enchants my children, stops them in their tracks, and makes them smile. And that is worth absolutely everything. 

We begged them to offer their work at a discount to all of you. And they are pretty rad. So...

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Here you go. Love!!!

Maya, (David, Robyn, Brian & the Waldorfish Crew)