a reminder...

We're stepping back into homeschooling next year...we'll have one in school, and one at home. (are you walking that path? we'd love to connect!) I've started filling my Instagram feed with lots of inspiring follows in preparation. This piece in particular rang true for me this morning... #Repost @wildandfree.co with @repostapp.
{At some point in your homeschooling journey you will hit your sweet spot. You will grow to a place of confidence where you are no longer easily worried that you're incapable, or doing things the wrong way, or somehow failing your children. When you're able to encourage and reassure yourself from deep down inside, from that place of conviction; those voices of doubt and worry will suddenly grow very quiet. Instead of relying constantly on outside sources (books, friends, groups, etc.) to give you what you need, you will be able to strengthen yourself. You will be able to fill your own cup. Does that mean you'll never need a support system? Not at all. It only means that some day you won't be relying on outside sources of support to sustain you in your decision to homeschool. You will be able to stand alone if needed.} -Toni Weber @homeschoolingbyheart  Thanks for these life-giving words, sweet mama!