Annapurna Living : Soulful Business interview

Once or twice a month, the creative team at Annapurna Living spotlights a creative entrepreneur who chooses to do business with integrity and soul. We were honored to be featured as a part of this Soulful Business series!

photo credit:  Danielle Cohen

photo credit: Danielle Cohen

A sneak peek: 

" I operate out of an understanding, on a very personal level, that life is short. Our time here is limited. If what I'm doing isn't helping to improve other people's experience, then it feels like wasted time. Soulful business for me means continually asking the question "will this (product, workshop, piece of art, etc) improve someone else's experience?" Also because I am acutely aware that our lives have an unknown expiration date, I'm really only interested in projects that allow me to spend as much quality time with my family as possible....." 

You can read the full interview by clicking here!