Weekly Art .... a month in review

The first month of our Weekly Art program has been amazing!! Witnessing families get excited about, and creating art together, has brought both Brian and I so much joy.

This month's four lessons have had families using watercolor paints, chalks & pastels, and beeswax crayons. In each lesson we have shared alternative palettes and design ideas for re-creating each lesson with a different season in mind. 

I've had so much fun checking the discussion area of our online classroom  every morning! There is such a generous spirit of idea-sharing and support happening. With 100+ families involved in this first session of the program, we've got a fantastic, diverse crowd gathered.

If you are not part of the full program and would like to try out some of the lessons, we will be bundling up four lessons at a time and making them available in our shop.

Bundle #1 is available for purchase now!

All our best,

Robyn (w/ Brian nearby)