Jean Miller's review of Waldorfish Weekly Art.

Jean Miller of Waldorf-Inspired Learning recently played with several of our Waldorf art lessons and wrote a review of the Weekly Art Program. 

We loved having another teacher experience our lessons, and share their thoughts from the perspective of someone who also works closely with homeschooling families! Here's a taste of her thoughts:

"When I talk to parents about planning mean lesson blocks, they often ask, “How can I easily focus on Waldorf painting and drawing?” 

Here’s how the conversation usually goes. I am explaining the 3-part lesson in a 2-day rhythm like this, “on day one, you present new material with a story, and then you paint a picture or draw into the main lesson book. On day two, you revisit that story and write a summary into the book.”

Most parents reply, “OK, I can do that. Except I don’t really know how to paint or draw.” 

Well, then what? 

Often I find myself saying you just have to do it. Just start, and you will learn as you go along. 

But over and over again, I hear from clients that they never get to it because they feel inadequate, not prepared. They don’t know how to do the drawing and painting in the Waldorf style, so this stops them. Many parents simply avoid moving forward with their main lesson block. They get stalled and hung up here.

(Can you tell this is all very familiar to me? When my children were young, I had this fantasy that if only I could freeze them for about five years to go and learn everything I needed to about Waldorf, then maybe I could come back and feel prepared to homeschool them!)"

** Read the full review here. **

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