Nurturing Community in the Postpartum Year

A strong sense of community is a powerful remedy for healing, bonding and belonging.

This is true always, of course….  
But it’s especially true for new mamas in the first postpartum year.  
And that’s when it’s most challenging to create. 

This is why Mothering Arts is so devoted to sharing how to collectively shift the experience of the postpartum year from isolating to community building. From depleted and burned out to feeling of resourced and connected.

The secret is that we need each other.

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Do you believe that the postpartum year is a special time when mothers and babies need to feel supported and nurtured? We do too!

That’s why we’re stoked to be sharing their one-of-a-kind Mothering Arts Facilitator Training with our Waldorfish community!

  • This multi-faceted online program will inspire you to facilitate a local multi-generational gathering for elders, mothers and babies in the postpartum year. The word facilitator means, one who makes easy. You will learn a successful and sustainable format to simply plug in and make it your own.

The Mothering Arts program helps women create multi-generational supportive gatherings for mothers and babies in the postpartum year without re-inventing the wheel.

If you feel a spark of inspiration to be a part of the shift, consider joining the Mothering Arts community and a small inspired group of women from around the world in this one week Community Supported Postpartum training. You will complete the course feeling confident and totally prepared to create community support for families in your town! It begins October 13th!

*Even better, founder Kerry Ingram has offered the Waldorfish community a chance to save $50 on enrollment!

  • Use code: Waldorfish to save $50 on the full investment

  • Use code: Waldorfish3 to save $50 on the first of 3 payments.

There’s so much more info about everything this program includes over on the Mothering Arts website (use that link, above!). You can also communicate with Kerry via the site if you have questions!

Committed to sharing the best of the best resources for your school and family,

Brian & Robyn Wolfe

About Kerry:

Mother, foster parent, postpartum doula, educator, nurturer.

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Devoted to uplifting the postpartum journey through local multi-generational gatherings which nurture mothers and build community.

Weaving together her education and experience as a Waldorf and LifeWays trained teacher, postpartum doula practices and knack for building community.

Read more about Kerry here!

“I believe that when a mother feels acknowledged, resourced and a sense of belonging, her health and well-being can truly flourish.

I don't just believe it, I know it.

After nearly 20 years of working with families, a strong sense of community is a powerful remedy for healing, bonding and belonging in the postpartum year. This is what the Mothering Arts Facilitator training is all about.” -Kerry Ingram