Part 4 of 4 is now available!

Oh how our hearts glow when we see folks using our tutorials to expand what they previously thought possible!! That's what this work is about for both Brian and me...We want to help people EXPAND! For some folks, art is a road block....a mental block... "Oh I can't do that"...we hear it all the time. We have created all of our tutorials to help people find their way out of that murky forest of self doubt...so they can bring the curriculum to their class and children with ✨joy✨and confidence.

The final part of our Block Crayon Tutorial series is now available for purchase! 

This purchase includes: 2 videos and one PDF guide + over 30 sample Main Lesson Book pages ("real life" examples from the topics discussed in the video tutorial). 

Skills covered in the video include:

  1. Simple thick borders
  2. Thick borders with rounded edges
  3. Shaded borders of one color
  4. Shaded borders with two color layers
  5. Shaded border with three color layers
  6. Thick borders with two distinct colors
  7. Borders with form drawing
  8. Thin borders with two distinct colors
  9. Borders with two colors and mirror image forms
  10. Complex borders with two colors, mirror images, shading & blending
  11. Borders that integrate the curriculum theme
Click image to purchase this and other tutorials.

Click image to purchase this and other tutorials.

Perspective Drawing notes - Brian Wolfe

Brian has been teaching at Rudolf Steiner College this week - diving deep with Class 6 & 7 teachers into drawing fundamentals, charcoal, portraits, painting & perspective drawing. His class notes for the perspective portion are a work of art themselves! (I'm his wife...I can gush a little, right?) I combined them into a pdf this morning and they are ready for downloading! These are for YOU, middle school teachers (or anyone else looking to explore perspective drawing). 

Waldorf teachers are FULL ON super heroes! They spend a good portion of their summers planning, practicing and preparing to bring the best they can offer during the school year. Be sure to HUG the next one you see.