Geometry, Dodecahedron

Welcome your students to dodecahedron, the glimmering, magical transition from 2-D to 3-D.

In the public school geometry is about proofs and numbers...measure this...formula for that, etc...Waldorf students are studying nature. Shapes, form and movement. 5th grade free-hand geometry, 6th grade - introduction to the tools and the art and design of it, 7th grade- understanding area as well as the Golden Ratio (found in art and nature and music), transitioning to the 8th grade- from 2-D to 3-D - area to volume...platonic solids. 

 Rudolf Steiner tells us "whenever possible, try to have the students picture geometric forms in movement." The attention you invest in guiding your class through these constructions will bring them ever closer to being able to clearly picture a form going through a process of picturing it in movement.

Johannes Kepler: Where there is matter, there is Geometry.  

Geometry = Measurement of the Earth

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