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What's included in our geometry curriculum series?

  • Each grade 5-8 has it's own course of 15 lessons each, based on the Waldorf pedagogy.

  • Our program is a complete Waldorf geometry curriculum, AND, for those using other educational methods, our program is a perfect artistic supplement!

  • The content for each course will be delivered all at once.

  • This allows families to decide whether to use the course as a Waldorf-style block, or to spread it out over the school year.

  • In a similar fashion to our other programs, you will be able to access each course even after the school year is over!


Prepare for Success:

1. Purchase your course.

2. We'll send your supply list (check spam if it doesn't arrive in a few minutes.)

3. Gather and order your supplies.

4. Calendar your lessons (like you do for music lessons, or sports practice.)


Grade Five

  • Constructions of triangles, circles, and quadrilaterals through artistic, freehand geometry

  • Introduction to geometry vocabulary using exploratory methods

  • Basics of area and perimeter

  • Additional enrichment activities such as watercolor painting, nature based projects, and geometry through movement

Grade Six

  • Using tools of geometric drawing: compass, straightedge, and protractor

  • Basics of artistic methods when creating geometric forms

  • Essential construction skills as foundational aspects of geometry

  • Exploring the circle and it's relationship to triangles and quadrilaterals

  • Focus on learning using accurate vocabulary

  • Artistic activities and suggestions for curriculum incorporation included

*Bundled prices reflect a 15-ish% discount off of full price for a single course.

Please Note: After purchasing a Bundle, it may take 24-36 hrs for the second course to appear in your Learning Library.


Grade Seven

  • A review of Area & Perimeter

  • An exploration of the Fibonacci sequence

  • Eratosthenes - circumference & angles

  • Leonardo Da Vinci - Golden Ratio

  • Spirals

  • Pythagorean Theorum

  • The Golden Ratio in nature, art & music

  • The Quality of Numbers

  • Mobius, Klein, Escher - mathematical paradoxes

Grade Eight

  • Plato - Platonic solids

  • Tetrahedron, Hexahedron, Dodecahedron, Octahedron, Icosahedron- nets & constructions

  • Volume

  • The Quality of Numbers in 3D space & time

  • 6+ artistic constructions

  • all Platonic solid models

*Bundled prices reflect a 15-ish% discount off of full price for a single course.

Please Note: After purchasing a Bundle, it may take 24-36 hrs for the second course to appear in your Learning Library.


*Homeschool group class pricingplease contact us at to discuss special pricing for groups. This pricing is for those wishing to use our lessons in a class they teach locally, within their own community. We do NOT currently offer a group-buy price.

*Recommendation: We suggest purchasing at grade level if you've covered the previous grade's topics and your child is confident with them. We suggest purchasing a grade lower if you've covered some of the previous grade's topics and your child would benefit from further practice and review.

Example of the main lesson pages your family will create!

Example of the main lesson pages your family will create!

Additional Details:

  • Along with several videos per lesson, these courses also come with the support of your course teacher inside the online classroom. You can leave them comments & questions there, as well as directly via email.

  • Each course will include examples of practice problems, quizzes/review (where relevant), etc. The choice to use them or not is yours. 

  • Supply lists for each grade will be included in your welcome email after enrollment. Many of the supplies will overlap from grade 5-8.


Frequently Asked Questions


Will it be mainly Waldorf geometric drawing like the sample lesson, or more like the traditional geometry I remember from public school?

Our program is being developed by 2 experienced Waldorf teachers (Brian Wolfe + Caitlin Amajor). Between them they have 18 years experience teaching Geometry.  Their approach is inspired and artistic! That said, they will cover much of what you remember (or don't remember, wink wink) from school and SO much more. 

Chalkboard compass, Waldorf Geometry


Once purchased, will I be able to access my courses even after the school year is over?

Yes! In a similar fashion to our other programs, you will be able to access each course even after the school year is over.



Yes, all videos are high quality, so you will need a fairly high-speed Internet connection to view them. The videos are a vital part of the content of this course, so please do consider this. We are not able to provide alternative viewing options for people on dial-up or on very slow connections (and we cannot give refunds if you are having issues viewing the videos due to your internet connection). Therefore, please bear this in mind when registering. If you have regular broadband, you should be fine. The videos in this course are *not* downloadable.



This course is sold to be used 1 per household. If you would like to use this course in a homeschool group or class, please contact us first for pricing and permission.



Due to the instant, all-access and digital nature of this course,  there are no refunds.  Please contact us with questions about this policy.


I'm still not sure if this course is right for me.

Uncertain if this is the right course for your family? Send us an email! We'll help you sort it out :)

Inspiration is needed in Geometry, just as much as in poetry.
— Alexander Pushkin

Your Guides

Waldorfish - Brian Wolfe

Brian Wolfe has spent his entire adult life playing music, teaching, drawing & coaching his Waldorf kids.  So basically, creating a generation of grounded families with beautiful memories ;) He grew up in a musical-theater family, where he spent his childhood painting backdrops for plays & musicals, as well as playing guitar in the house-band. Nowadays, when he's not teaching geometry, art & coaching local Waldorf students, Brian loves performing a wide range of musical styles (blues, jazz, rock, pop, etc). He has played in various blues and rock bands over the past 15 years and 8 years ago began performing as a solo, instrumental acoustic act at events such as weddings, wine tastings, gallery openings, and private parties. He is teaching Art to teacher trainees, and also teaches (as well as coaches Varsity basketball) at the Sacramento Waldorf School. Summers often see Brian in China, Utah and California where he works with teachers, parents and students at various training centers. Brian will be teaching the G7 & G8 geometry courses.


Waldorfish Geometry - Caitlin Amajor.jpg

Caitlin Amajor is excited to bring her love of art and teaching to the Waldorfish community! As a Waldorf student growing up in a small Northern California town, Caitlin’s love and appreciation of artistic and experiential learning began at a young age. With the encouragement of her parents, Caitlin pursued her certificate in Waldorf teacher training after college, and has been teaching in the middle school grades as a class teacher for the last six years. While the list is long, some of her highlights of being a teacher are teaching geometry and physics, watercolor painting, and observing the many triumphs and successes of her beloved students. Caitlin enjoys discussing and expanding Waldorf pedagogy and how it can evolve in the modern world, and also has a wealth of knowledge (because of much trial and error!) around the practical elements of teaching on a day to day basis. She offers helpful tips and observations from her own experience, and inspires others to explore the wide-ranging and artistic realm of geometry for the 5th and 6th grader!


Geometry is knowledge that appears to be produced by human beings, yet whose meaning is totally independent of them.
— Rudolf Steiner