Grade One Painting provides a totally do-able painting curriculum for your homeschool year.

Spend less time planning • Know that you’re ready for the week

Colour speaks. Its universal language passes over all boundaries of race or nation, understood by everyone to some degree, if not by the head, then by the heart. It speaks to the unlearned no less than the learned. Children understand and respond to it immediately.
— Gladys Mayer, The Mystery Wisdom of Colour


What's Included?

  • OVER 33 videos that model HOW to guide a year's worth of painting lessons with your child.

  • Original verses & stories written by teacher, Amanda Mercer. These are unique to this program, and found nowhere else.

  • Printable PDF's of the verses and stories - create your own G1 Painting binder!

  • Discussions on:

    • creating rhythm in the lessons

    • opening and closing the lessons

    • how to talk about a child’s work with them

    • how to model painting for your child

    • Rudolf Steiner's ideas about the significance of color


Waldorf G1 Painting Curriculum


  • The content for this course is delivered once a week over 12 weeks. This content will provide you with the material you need to create a weekly painting lesson for your child over the full school year.

  • The first weeks' content will arrive soon after you enroll, and once per week thereafter.

  • Our system will automatically email you a reminder each week, whew!

  • As with all of our other courses, once the lessons have posted, they will remain in the classroom forever. They will continue to be accessible no matter if you are able to watch them the week they post, or not.

  • The course is designed for parents to watch and study/plan with. This course is not designed for children to watch the lessons, unlike our Weekly Art program.

If you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.
— Vincent Van Gogh

“We have loved this course (and we’ve only just started!) I have jumped far ahead in the class online and have appreciated all of the insight into color as well as the quick repsone to questions posted by those enrolled in the class. The classes available through Waldorfish are gems.” •J. Nicholas

Additional details:

This course assumes participating families have a baseline understanding of just a few things, listed below. This information can easily be learned by searching online, on Pinterest, etc. The items on the list (and much more!) are also covered in detail in our course Waldorf Art for Beginners:

  • How to soak painting papers

  • How to mix paint pigments for use in painting lessons

  • Proper storage of mixed paints

  • Care of paint brushes

  • Selection of these materials, plus painting board

We are offering families who register for Grade One Painting a 50% discount on Waldorf Art for Beginners!

*A discount code is automatically included in the welcome email you will receive after registration for Grade One Painting.

*If you do not receive this email, please check your Spam folder and adjust your mail filters to allow our emails through.

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Ready to enroll? 

Please note, we are vendors with many charter schools. Please check our blog sidebar for a detailed list.


Supply List:

After registration, you will receive a detailed supply list in your welcome email, along with several helpful links. In general, however, throughout this course we will be using:

  • Watercolor paper

  • Watercolor paint pigments

  • Natural fiber watercolor brushes

  • Painting board

  • Painting sponge

  • Paint jars

 Your Guide:


Amanda Ziadeh Mercer is a dynamic Waldorf Teacher! She has had the pleasure of working with children in varying stages of development, ranging from infants in Parent-Child programs to the more mature students of the eighth grade. This wide range of experiences has gifted her a full picture of the developmental stages of childhood.

Amanda's love for art was reawakened during her Waldorf Teacher Training at Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, California. As part of the training, the students were deeply immersed in the arts, an incredibly moving experience. While it was a powerful experience to get to know more of herself through her own art practices, the experiences Amanda has had while working with the children are even more powerful.

By guiding the painting lessons, modeling classes, main lesson book compositions, handwriting, etc., she can see a more complete picture of each individual child--a piece of them she would never know if not for the arts. It is this revelation that fuels her passion for joining the Waldorfish Community!

Amanda Mercer Waldorfish.png
All lessons are filmed in HD. You get access to the course content forever!

All lessons are filmed in HD. You get access to the course content forever!

Frequently Asked Questions:


What does "on-demand" mean?

We created this course with your busy life in mind! Whenever you register, segments of content will automatically begin arriving in your e-mail inbox, a week apart. The first segment will arrive shortly after you complete registration. You can access the classroom whenever it is convenient for you! Forever! This course is designed for self-study (not for children to watch). Amanda will check-in to answer questions every couple of days.


Do I need a high-speed internet connection to view the course videos?

Yes, all videos are high quality, so you will need a fairly high-speed Internet connection to view them. The videos are a vital part of the content of this course, so please do consider this. We are not able to provide alternative viewing options for people on dial-up or on very slow connections (and we cannot give refunds if you are having issues viewing the videos due to your internet connection). Therefore, please bear this in mind when registering. If you have regular broadband, you should be fine. The videos in this course are *not* downloadable.


We already paint with watercolors. Do you think a child would be bored stepping back to just one color? 

As long as you make a distinction between painting lessons and open painting times, children likely won't be bored. They will need a clear understanding of painting lessons being about experiencing each color (and following a few instructions), and open painting times being for all the other explorations you do! In a Waldorf school, children paint weekly in preschool and kindergarten, so they have been painting for four years at school before getting to G1. The difference is that in a directed painting lesson, such as in G1, the children are following the adult - a six year old characteristic!

This leads us to another great question...


Is my child the right age for this course?

Is your child wanting to/able to follow simple instructions? A willingness to follow the teacher is a big sign of "readiness" for Grade One.

Siblings younger than 6 or 7 years can simply participate at what whatever level he/she is able....such is often the fate of our younger children, yes?! Your expectations of their participation might need to be different, though, depending on how deeply they are still in their imagination.


How long will I have access to the course content?

Forever! Successfully register for the course, and you get access to the lessons for as long as you need them. ("Forever-access" does assume successful payment of both payments, for those who chose the 2-payment option!)


What is your Refund Policy for Grade One Painting?

Due to the instant, all-access and digital nature of this course, as well as the discount code offered within it, there are no refunds. 


May I use this course with my homeschool group/class?

This course is sold to be used 1 per household. If you would like to use this course in a homeschool group or class, please contact us first for pricing and permission.


I'm still not sure if this course is right for me.

Uncertain if this is the right course for your family? Send us an email! We'll help you sort it out :)



 Work at your own pace. Know that you’re ready for the week.


Enroll for 1 payment of $110 to pay for the entire course in full and up front.


Color is the place where our brain and the universe meet.
— Paul Klee