Mary, Mary, quite contrary.....

My apprentice :)

I've alluded to our front yard garden before. *Front* yard only because the chickens dwell in the *back* yard, and honestly, it got tiresome devising ways to keep them from eating everything. Moving our food production to the front yard made better use of part of the lawn and kept me from threatening to bbq the hens on a regular basis.


We live on a quiet street with a lot of bicycle traffic....I never tire of hearing "ooooh! Look at that garden!" through our open windows as the cyclists ride past. I have had extensive conversations with complete strangers from the other side of the fence about our garden. My early childhood years included a family garden as well. Those experiences sank deep into my core. As a young adult in college, I always avoided living in apartments because I NEEDED to have space to grow things. 


We harvested from our echinacea for the first time this year! 3 years of waiting for the roots to be developed enough.

Our two children eat (mostly) eagerly from what we grow. But it's really only our daughter who seems to share my passion for planting, tending, growing, harvesting.  I've been tempted to push the issue a bit with my son. I have to remind myself that the core values of tending the earth, being self-sufficient where we can, and the benefits of homegrown organic food are oozing into him on some level. Even if he's not out there with me marveling at every earthworm, by virtue of being surrounded by my passion for all of his 9 years, he's absorbing what's important.

Straining homegrown calendula leaves out of an oil infusion. We grow the lavender I infuse into alchemy*oil as well. does your garden grow?