Does Winning equal happiness? Not so much?


20 Consecutive Winning Seasons.  That's what I grew up with, immersed in UC Davis Aggies Football.  At the moment of these pictures, the Aggies fell to 0-4 (that would be 0 wins and 4 losses).  Have they ever been 0-4? In the history of the school?  Not in my last 40 plus years.

In a culture where winning is valued so highly and winners receive such privilege in so many ways...where does a perfect moment like this one fit in to the "scheme" of things?  The endless joy of running up a huge grassy wet hill at night, under the lights with your brother and...


Sliding down, down, down, shrieking with laughter again and again and again?  What a gorgeous night.  Full moon, fresh first rain of the season, perfect temperature, the Band-Uh playing their hearts out...and a total drubbing by Portland State by 31 points. 

I have won at a higher level than most - it is really, really nice.  I have lost at a higher level than most, the pain of one game sometimes lasting months, years, and often in my patients and clients, a lifetime.

If you want to see what joy and happiness are, stay and watch the Aggie Band-Uh play after the game...whether it's a win or loss, watch them in the moment, having a blast, playing their hearts out and having the time of their lives. 

Winning is really really nice...feeling joy and happiness regardless of if you have won or not...better. 

More to come...