Because, we're Sanguine, that's why... *shop update*

Stitching sashiko + rasping the sword...slow steps amongst many, many steps.

Stitching sashiko + rasping the sword...slow steps amongst many, many steps.


[sang-gwin]  adjective

1. cheerfully optimistic, hopeful, or confident: a sanguine disposition; sanguine expectations.

Adding these to the shop, I noticed a little voice questioning why I would create projects in the Zakka tradition for the Waldorf teaching community.  Zakka is a modern Japanese handicraft, inspired by Scandinavian design, global materials, and Western homewares from the 50's, 60's and 70's.  It's designed to infuse life with cozy love, humor and beauty.  Think...sanguine handwork.

If every stitch reflects one's consciousness, well, then that's our consciousness up there.   We are hopeful and delighted and even jubilant about the opportunity of Waldorf education.  We savor the sacred community that gathers around our incarnating little souls, and we honor the badass, er, noble and grounded character of our young adults.

Of course, I just came from our Michaelmas Festival, so it's present for me.  There's something about watching each class very closely that really brings home the development of each age, while seeing them in collective costumes some how highlights the individuality of each child.  It's so beautiful how they're held, with the 1st-8th graders all performing together, each 8th grader accountable for a 1st grade "Buddy," and each 1st grader anchored by their corresponding elder.  There's so many little, created dynamics like that, each one perfect for the developmental needs of each child, class, and temperament.

Which brings me back to, umm, us.  We're sanguine, across the board, Robyn, Brian, David, and I, with a bit of choleric, melancholic and phlegmatic thrown in.  (Try and guess.  Just kidding.)  Community-oriented, we are very interested in bringing the world to those under our care.  

I come from civil rights activists, so often hear complaints that Waldorf education doesn't do enough to bring diversity to it's teachings.  Of course it doesn't - yet.  Though downloaded from the heavenly realms, it's come thru a turn-of-the-century European male, and though deeply established in research, results, and student excellence, it's a fairly new global movement.  Steiner, however, seemed confident that we would be able to grow into the foundational ideals of accessibility, explored, living expressions and diversity of thought, within both the individual and the collective community.  All that to say - We have to Bring It.

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Waldorf: accessibility, living expressions, diversity of thought, within the individual & collective community...We have to Bring It

And that's my invitation to you.  To help, I've put detailed instructions for 


in the shop.  And it comes with two bonuses,  Patchwork Bibs with Little Tails (Oh, yes), and Papa's Throw.  These projects are my version of love, made visible, and I hope you enjoy them.  Our young people enjoy making them, then seeing them up, worn and sat upon, very much.


Wishing us all the realization of your *hope* and *optimism,*   


ps - Is there some traditional project you're interested in learning?  Or a particular culture you're interested in sharing?  Please let us know on our FB page!  I will try to find you resources from the source and if I can't find them, and it's appropriate, I'll see what we can pull together.   And maybe there's a handicraft from your culture that you'd like to see here?  I know I would.  Please let me know!