Simple, Simple

Naragansett turkey, Dutch Malaysian, Japanese Silkie

Naragansett turkey, Dutch Malaysian, Japanese Silkie


No one seems to have noticed that we are barely moving, here at Waldorfish, at 'The Living Home Offices.' At the Hackett household, and the Wolfe's, we are just doing life, waking up sometime before our children, assessing our pantries for some clues towards breakfast and lunch, taking in the alternately warm and wet mornings while we feed our animals. In our heads, we live on farms, these working urban gardens that bring us more happiness and peace than produce and protein.  

It looks like we are taking it slow, and we are. Slow food, slow community, slow childrearing.  On our couches, in our kitchens, fingers under the soil. There's really so much at play. We don't need to go fast. Life is constantly rushing up to meet us. It's Spring!

On any given day, we've accomplished much more than we thought and much less than we thought. We are consumed with quality over quantity, and we have no desire to put more out into an already full world. No. We're more processing what's already here, living with already questions, observing what's unfurling at present, where we are, in any given moment. 

During the week we can count on trips to the co-op. Running into each other, and so many of the Waldorfish community, at the library, the bike church, the farmer's market.  In this agrarian town, we live in-between, in the "ish," dancing from our keyboards, to our chard beds, from our cars to our cycle paths.  It's homemade kombucha + store-bought cookies.  We meet at basketball games, we text from our dining tables, we gather at our downtown office, we chat on the local Waldorf school bleachers, under 27 year-old trees planted by local elders in ancient constellations.

Time is cyclical for us, the linear calendar a far second, and it's good.  We're here to learn, to serve during our short time, right-sized in a much larger global community of resources, and we're having a really good time. We're getting to know so many of our teachers, parents and homeschoolers in The Living Home, and hope to be able to share your work, too.  Somewhere, between our own quiet dinners, family gatherings and the laundry. Things are blooming fast around us, and still, we've got plenty of time. There's a season for all of it.  Keeping it simple, simple, simple.  


Maya + David