Reclaim your intention.

So these Prompts....they are part of an on-going conversation over at The Living Home. Sometimes Maya crafts them, sometimes I do, but in either case, its always personal. These prompts aren't just for you....they're for us too. In fact, they are usually born out of whatever is real & living for our own families at that particular moment. A confessional of sorts.

Magically, so many times it's exactly what's living for many of your families too. Funny how that works, isn't it?

We're part of a not-so-big community. Our town is on the small side. Outside of the transitional college crowd, there aren't more than one or two degrees of separation between any one of us here. It's a beautiful thing, really. It's the reason my children can roam free in our neighborhood & wage mock Nerf battles in the park without a bunch of grown-ups feeling like they need to hover nearby. It's also a nerve-wracking thing though, for me. 

I realized recently that we were Doing a lot of Things. Things after school, Things on the weekend. Lots and lots of THINGS. "Oh! Are you going to the Thing on Saturday?" "Oh! Are you going to the Thing for So and So?" "Our kids are doing that Thing at That Place on Sunday! Will you guys be there?" The compelling feeling that we need to Show Up or run the risk of disappointing our friends. 

I've found myself here before. You would think I'd know what to watch for. What to brace myself against.

See, the truth is, we don't do very well when we try to fit All The Things into our days. As a family, we are much less grumpy, much more centered and joy-filled when we Do very little outside of what our regular routine requires. 

So this prompt? It came from me realizing that we had once again been caught up in that quiet, often well-intended but strong current that pulls us, as a family, off track. Away from *our* best rhythm.  Because we have been here before, I recognized what was happening. Subtle signs from the children. From the cats. From the grown-ups.  Because we had been here before, I was able to act quickly. To put my foot down.

*As an aside, let me just say that I believe putting your foot down does not need to be loud or angry.*

It can simply be a decision. Taking your power back. A conscious choice to say *no* to what doesn't serve you anymore.  A moment where you realize that NOT doing something anymore is going to serve you all better.

A gentle but firm planting of both feet, solidly back onto the foundation of your original intention.

We are done. We are re-claiming our quiet. Our time. Our peace. Or, whatever is living for your family in this moment. What do you need to reclaim for your family?