New workshop series!

You're invited!

Beginning Friday, September 25th, we will be offering a weekly workshop series - Join us online, in our studio, for an hour of conversation and exploration. 

This series is idea for home educators, class teachers & teacher-trainees...but really, anyone looking to deepen their understanding of waldorf pedagogy is welcome!

Guaranteed to be casual (because we're not capable of being anything else), we invite you to bring a notebook, a steaming mug, and your questions!

Example Topics

* Form-drawing & Geometry - how to build a living picture of numbers. We'll look at how form drawing prepares children for academic learning. Journey from straight line, curved line all the way to platonic solids!

* Rainbow to Black & White - Art from childhood to adolescence. How do children develop as artists? How does the Waldorf art curriculum meet the developing child? We'll look at the temperaments as they relate to painting/drawing. Inward and outward gestures in Waldorf art.


Why so generous?

For three years now, the question in the back of our minds has always been "how can we make our Waldorfish resources affordable for EVERYONE (and yet still earn a living at the same time)?"  We have always operated our business in a style modeled after the idea of Sacred Commerce -- an idea which posits that business can be a center for personal transformation as well as a source of right livelihood.

When we started planning this online workshop series, it wasn't too big of a leap for us to decide on a pay-what-you-can fee structure.

Really. We mean it.  You decide what you can afford.

For those who have asked for minimum donation guidelines, let's say $5 per workshop. 
If you can afford to donate more than that, you are helping to make this resource available to someone who cannot. *If you cannot afford the minimum donation, please still attend! 

Our goal is for this to be accessible to everyone!


xoxo-Robyn & Brian