e-Workshops :: week #1

Thank you all who participated in our inaugural e-workshop last Friday (9/25/15)! Brian survived a technical glitch at the beginning and rallied to spend an hour discussing the temperaments. This workshop will be the foundation upon which all future workshops are built.

Brian introduced each of the 4 temperaments, and then went deeper, exploring how we can better use them to understand our children & students. He also discussed the temperaments as they relate to the arts.

Some sweet feedback:

This workshops series is pay-what-you-can! We have a minimum suggested payment of $5 for the first 3 days after we air the workshops, however, we truly want this to be accessible to EVERYONE. If the minimum payment is a stretch for you right now, then please participate anyway :)

To participate, you need to sign up. Click below!

We'll be posting the topic for week #2 in the next couple of days!

Until then,

Robyn & Brian