Lazure Basics - by Charles Andrade

We're excited to have Lazure master Charles Andrade joining us on Waldorfish this week! We invited him to share the basics of this art form, along with an amazing resource he created for schools & homeschooling families who are unable to experience his teaching in person. Charles' work is, in a word, stunning.


What is Lazure?

Lazure is a decorative paint finish using layers of color wash over white walls that allows the light to pass through and reflect back giving a pure color experience that can have a powerful healing influence. Lazure distinguishes itself from other decorative techniques in that it doesn't rely on "visual texture" (ie: ragging, bagging), but instead, on the atmospheric blushing of analogous colors, offering a calming or dynamic movement of color on the walls that changes tones throughout the day.

Win Institute Atrium

Win Institute Atrium

Lazure painting was initially created by Rudolf Steiner for the performance hall ceilings of the Goetheanum, which is the headquarters of the international Anthroposophical Society, located in Dornach, Switzerland. He developed Lazure as a means to bringing the most luminous quality of color. Years later, after he had created and developed the Waldorf School movement, Steiner instructed the teachers and parents in how to ensoul the walls of the school with Lazure.

These colors, chosen for their pedagogical appropriateness to child development, became the official starting point for what we now know as the decorative finish - Lazure painting.


This unique wall finish has enlivened the interior environments of homes, offices, places of worship, restaurants, schools as well as medical and therapeutic institutions throughout the world.

(Photos left to right: Baltimore Waldorf School, Westside Waldorf School, Michael Park Waldorf school)


After Lazuring professionally and teaching workshops worldwide for over 25 years, I wanted to share my years of experience, creating a DIY kit with an instructional video along with the tools and guidance needed for others to learn how to create Lazure in their own space at their own pace. The kit is for the beginner as well as the more experienced artist... I thought it would be especially helpful for Waldorf homeschooling families and/or teachers unable to attend an in-person Lazure workshop with me. It is also a great package for anyone who wants to enliven the walls of their living/work space.

(Photos left to right: meditation room, private residence)

Private residence.

Private residence.


The LAZUREbyANDRADE kit includes:  two European Lazure brushes, a specially designed set of six custom high quality artist colors that allows you to create the entire spectrum found in an complete color wheel, a detailed printed brochure outlining color mixing, color schemes for your walls along with some basic color theory and a 30-minuteinstructional E-video teaching the correct and basic step-by-step Lazure painting process and technique.

 I hope you will enjoy bringing the inspiration of color into your living space!

 ~Charles ANDRADE



We have heard from a few Waldorfish community members that the video portion of the kit requires Wi-Fi to view, and is NOT downloadable. Please keep this in mind when purchasing.

Artist and Lazurist, Charles Andrade has had a life-long fascination with color and painting that has evolved from his initial training in Anthroposophic Art therapy at the Tobias school in England. There, he also learned Lazure, a unique European wall treatment creating healing interior environments. Andrade has owned and operated Lazure Custom Wall Designs for over 25 years – a mural and decorative/faux painting business, specializing in Lazure.

Additionally, he lectures, teaches fine art classes and offers Lazure workshops worldwide.  

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