Jean Miller & Robyn Wolfe talk Waldorf homeschooling and planning!

We’re pretty excited about sharing this conversation with the Waldorfish community! Jean and I have been long-distance friends for a while now, and finally got to meet in person in Atlanta at the Waldorf Homeschooling Conference, in March 2019.

We talked and talked and TALKED during every spare second we had at the conference, but ultimately decided we needed to keep talking once we returned home!

This video is the continuation of those conversations. The first of what we hope will be many more that we record and share with you :)


P.S. Bonus points to anyone who can identify the points at which our cat Hendrix decides to weave himself through my legs while we were filming!

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0-10:28 Introduction. Robyn & Jean talk about the life events that led them both to Waldorf education, and ultimately to homeschooling.

11:30-15:00 Some common mistaken ideas we often hear about Waldorf-inspired homeschooling.

15:21-18:16 Curriculum? Pedagogy? What does “responsible innovation” mean for Waldorf homeschoolers?

18:20-21:42 Jean shares a story from her own homeschool years as it relates to planning.

21:48-24:53 Robyn talks about homeschooling in the freedom that Steiner intended… and a couple of foundational ideas to make this possible.

24:53-26:56 Jean shares some information about her planning and mentoring services.

29:25-30:20 Jean shares some thoughts about homeschooling being an ideal setting to bring forth the Waldorf pedagogy.

30:20-33:41 Some concluding thoughts from both Robyn & Jean!

Additional Resources:

4 Things to Know Before Planning Your Homeschool Year - This is the article from Waldorfish that we mention in the video.

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