A Festival Year

10 original stories + art lessons

carry your family through the circle of an entire year! 

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“Your good energy is in our home and reverberates through our life. We all agree that the pacing and tone of the dialogue in your tutorials are both perfect for us. We appreciate the kind and supportive comments that encourage exploration rather than perfection. Thank you for sharing your gifts.”
— Kimberly

 What’s included?


  • 10 original stories, written by storyteller Sara Logan

  • 10 art lessons to accompany them, created by Brian & Robyn Wolfe

  • Printable PDF’s for each story

  • Audio recordings for each story

  • Access to mentoring, feedback & conversation in the online classroom

  • An email reminder 1 week prior to each Festival

*All 10 lessons are accessible as soon as you enroll. No matter which hemisphere you live in, you'll find what you need waiting for you in the classroom!

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Waldorf festivals list:

  1. Advent

  2. Winter Solstice

  3. Candlemas/Imbolc/St. Brigid’s Day

  4. Spring Equinox

  5. May Day/Beltane

  6. Summer Solstice

  7. Lammas/Lughnasa

  8. Michaelmas

  9. Martinmas/Samhain

  10. Birthday

Story Sample:

Nera and the Sun, Moon and Stars - for Winter Solstice

“Once, there was a girl who loved the sun. Her name was Nera. Every morning, she got up when the sun did, and danced to show how happy she was to see it return. On cloudy days, she laughed at the sun’s hide-and-seek games, and when it rained, she wondered how she might coax it back out from under its blankets to play. With the sun, she was never alone. She loved the flowers who turned their faces to the sun each day, and the birds, whose wings flashed and flickered in the sunlight.

At sunset, Nera would go into her house. She didn’t like the darkness. She lit lamps and candles indoors, and willed herself to fall asleep quickly, so that she could dream of the sunlight, and awaken to its rays. In her house, Nera painted pictures of the sun and of the beautiful world it shone upon. She covered her walls with images of the sun, flowers, birds, and butterflies…”

Listen to an audio sample:


What age is this course recommended for? 

• Generally, we recommend the art lessons in A Festival Year for ages 7+. There are two charcoal lessons included which are better suited for those aged 10+.

The stories are perfect for all ages to enjoy together!

• Those with younger children may chose to create the art themselves, for use on your family's nature table, or elsewhere in your home.

• We offer two FREE sample lessons taught in the same style as those in this course. We encourage you to try them before you make your decision to enroll.


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 Your investment

All 10 stories and art lessons are immediately accessible.

Start with the story that is relevant to your season/hemisphere!

Your Guides 

Photo credit: Danielle Cohen

Photo credit: Danielle Cohen

Trained Waldorf teachers Brian & Robyn Wolfe have been involved in art & education for over 20 years. Experienced with both teaching in the classroom as well as homeschooling, they work with children and adults in person as well as online. Their courses guide soul-filled teachers and families towards confidence in integrating the arts into their (home) school days. Read more about them, here.

Photo credit: Lisa MacMartin

Photo credit: Lisa MacMartin

Teacher and Storyteller Sara Renee Logan has been telling stories to everyone who would listen since she was seven. She organized storytimes for her college roommates, and spent a year at Oxford studying folklore and folktales. Many years as a Waldorf teacher allowed her to tell stories about everything from Baba Yaga's hut on chicken legs to the water cycle to the life of Joan of Arc. Sara shares her life with her partner, Melanie, their son, and an unreasonable family of pets. She continues to share her love of storytelling and stories with audiences of all ages, specializing in bringing the wild beauty of folktales to young and old.

Frequently asked questions:


Is This a religious course?

In short, no. The stories are non-sectarian and are not presented as being connected with any particular religion.

Within Waldorf classrooms (and in many Waldorf-inspired homes), festivals are not taught as fact but are offered in the form of stories, allowing the children great freedom to absorb the themes and messages as they will. When presented in a spirit of wonder and awe, something of the true spirit of each festival will speak to each child in unique ways.

What does "self-paced" mean?

We created this course with your busy life in mind. Once you register, you can access our online classroom whenever it is convenient for you! Forever! Brian & Robyn will check-in to answer questions every couple of days.


What materials will I need?

Once you enroll you will receive a detailed supply list in your welcome email (please check your spam folder if this email does not arrive). In general though, for this course we will use beeswax crayons, charcoal, chalk/pastels, and watercolor paint.



Yes, all videos are high quality, so you will need a fairly high-speed Internet connection to view them. The videos are a vital part of the content of this course, so please do consider this. We are not able to provide alternative viewing options for people on dial-up or on very slow connections (and we cannot give refunds if you are having issues viewing the videos due to your internet connection). Therefore, please bear this in mind when registering. If you have regular broadband, you should be fine. The videos in this course are *not* downloadable.

What is your Refund Policy for A Festival Year?

Due to the instant, all-access and digital nature of this course, there are no refunds. Please contact us with questions about this policy at support@waldorfish.com . Please do be sure to try our free sample lessons to get a feel for how our lessons work.


Yes! In a similar fashion to our other programs, you will be able to access your lessons even after the school year is over.



This course is sold to be used 1 per household. If you would like to use this course in a homeschool group or class, please contact us first for pricing and permission.



Uncertain if this is the right course for your family? Send us an email! We'll help you sort it out :) 

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We are approved vendors with many charter schools - a full list is located in our blog sidebar. We are unable to offer a payment plan for this course because of its digital, all access nature.

Stories are a communal currency of humanity.
— Tahir Shah, in Arabian Nights