Celebrating Michaelmas

The seasons are shifting.

For some of us the relief of fall is on the horizon. For others, the arrival of spring has been long awaited.

Last week I noticed that I was craving soup. Like, CRAVING. Never mind that it's still in the mid 90's where we live. For Brian, this seasonal shifting means a trip to our local foothills and his beloved Apple Hill (insert images of apple cider, apple donuts, etc, etc, here). Of course, we're a few weeks ahead of ourselves still, but....it's coming. Can you smell it?

Michaelmas is approaching as well. This brings to mind the year that Brian almost (almost) had our kids believing that he saw a Michaelmas dragon sale going up in the parking lot of a local chain store near us. Think Christmas tree lot, but with dragons of assorted temperaments, colors and sizes. Thankfully our kids (mostly) appreciate our sense of humor. So far anyway.

In time for Michaelmas.jpeg

Here are two pieces that we love for this time of year.

"Modern parenting seems to dictate that we should protect our children from the bogey and even from knowledge of its existence. But “it is in the world already.” Children know the terrors that lurk under the bed, in the dark, and in the whispers of grownups. 

With fairy tales and golden capes and wooden swords and songs, we stop lying to them. When we show them the monsters and evil hiding in the stories, and help them shape their weapons, when we give them the words to “conquer fear and wrath,” we validate what they already know – that there are dragons." 

On Dragons and Making Swords... read the full piece here

No matter which hemisphere you call home, this piece also offers many ideas for consideration. 

"As a Waldorf-inspired homeschooler, you have no doubt noticed that a healthy festival life is one of the anchors around which Waldorf Education is organized. These rituals and festivals have traditionally contributed to the stability of communities of the past, and now brick-and-mortar schools of current time. They create an opportunity to relate to the seasons, and to each other.

What then, does this mean for those of us who have chosen to leave a local Waldorf school, or, to never attend one at all? What meaning do these festivals, or feast days as they are traditionally called, have when they are practiced in much smaller group settings without institutional support, or even at home within individual families?" 

In Praise of Balance: A Healthy Festival Life ... read the full piece here

Additionally, take a look at our Michaelmas Pinterest board for plenty of ideas, tutorials and resources.

All our best to you,

Robyn & Brian Wolfe

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Images from our Story Starters deck. We have a few left! Grab yours  here .

Images from our Story Starters deck. We have a few left! Grab yours here.

Shifting. Subtly. Can you feel it?

You would never know it if you were looking only at daytime temperatures....it's still oh-so-hot here. Surely we're still in the middle of summer, yes?

And yet...in the mornings, it's cooler. Just a bit. But noticeable. The air smells different. The early morning sky is again dotted with hot air balloons.

My children are noticing it too....pants. (pants!) Long-sleeve shirts. Of course, they come off by 10am, but still....it's in the air.

The farmers know too. Our farmers market is bursting (!) with their harvest. There is SO much work for them to do at this time of year.

My garden knows. Drooping sunflowers. Drying echinacea. Chilies turning red.

The creatures know. Baby birds have long since left their nests. Many creatures around our house seem to be waiting. As if they know .... not quite yet ... but soon.

I noticed myself moving things around on our little nature table yesterday. Pulling off some summery bits & pieces (but not all! No, I'm not quite ready to completely let go yet). This morning I was looking through our Story Starters deck for autumny images to replace them with. 

What are you noticing? What's shifting where you are?

xo - Robyn